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Worried about chimney maintenance?

If you are confused about how to maintain your chimneys and don’t know where to start, we have you covered. We have been in the field for some time and will provide you with advice and services that best suit your needs. We help keep your homes safe through our chimney cleaning, repair, and inspection services. You can get in touch with our team if you are a homeowner or a small business based in Salt Lake City , and we will make the process a breeze for you!

Wondering if you need chimney sweeping?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your fireplace reeks of wood? Are you concerned because there is a smell of smoke embedded in your home even without a lit fire? Have you noticed that your chimney isn’t performing up to the mark lately? If so, then you need chimney sweeping!

Protect your homes from fire hazards!

When we light wood in the fireplace, it releases a sticky creosote substance. This soot sticks to the inside of the chimney, which is a severe problem. Creosote is highly flammable, and a little bit can start a fire. If unnoticed, it can lead to a disastrous fire in your home, dangerous for your family and neighborhood.

Upgrade your chimney performance

Creosote also clogs the chimney, which limits the airflow. This is why your chimney isn’t performing very well. Apart from poor performance, clogged chimneys limit airflow, resulting in a reflux of carbon monoxide. This gas is odorless yet deadly and can cause instant poisoning.

If you don’t have any of these issues, it is still better to be cautious as these conditions increase the chance of house fires and poor chimney performance. It is advised to get your chimneys inspected before it’s too late.

Hire a professional team to protect your homes

Chimney sweeping should be a task managed by experts only. This is where we perform exceptional cleaning to prevent any dangers. We know how to get rid of creosote buildup and will perform necessary maintenance and repair for your chimney and fireplace. We have years of experience and have teams that can clean out the most stubborn waste from your chimneys. We also ensure that no birds or insects have made a home in your chimneys as they also lead to pollutants and lack of airflow.

We are the best sweepers in Salt Lake City

We have conducted successful cleaning projects all over Salt Lake City, and people love us. Our objective is to provide exceptional results by using top-quality equipment and leaving no room for error.


Customized services We value our customers and work hard to keep them satisfied. We offer a range of cleaning services, and you can mix and match based on your home needs. We also offer advice on what works best for you after thoroughly inspecting your chimneys and fireplace.  Punctuality We know your time is precious, and we take appointment times seriously. Our team will always reach on time and leave at the time discussed earlier.  
Responsive customer care If you are unsure where to start with chimney cleaning, drop us a message. We have a team of vigilant representatives who are well-informed and will help you with any technical issues.  Experts in the field We have been working in this department for a while and know how to fix problems. You can sit back and relax once you hire us since we will leave your home in better condition.  


Our services

We offer a range of chimney cleaning services and often begin the process with a chimney inspection. Our experts are constantly learning about the latest market trends in chimney and fireplace design and construction. Our job is to adapt to changing needs and provide our services for all types of chimney models. Our services include chimney inspection, chimney sweeping, and chimney repair.

Chimney Inspection

Our first step is to inspect the condition of your chimney to move forward. We offer a range of options to cater to all needs in this service. We recommend getting an annual inspection to enjoy a stress-free time at your home.

  • Standard inspection: this is a basic inspection where our experts check the condition of your chimney both internally and externally. We check the structure, airflow, and flue system to ensure no blockage or flammable substance.
  • In-depth Inspection: We recommend this inspection for people who have a damaged appliance due to a fire or other natural disaster. We check the current condition and recommend replacing and repairing parts that are affected. Additionally, we help retrieve old chimneys by replacing the flue system or installing parts to make them functional again.

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Chimney Sweeping

Our chimney sweeping service removes creosote, dust, and other harmful substances that accumulate over time. These substances are combustible and can lead to house fires, requiring frequent removal. We have the tools that can check the exterior and interior of your chimney and fireplace to ensure no soot is left. We use cloth, vacuums, and dry brushes in our cleaning process. Moreover, we have tools like high-quality cameras to ensure hard-to-reach areas are also cleaned without an issue. Regardless of how big or small your setup is, we provide affordable solutions for all. 

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Chimney Repair

We also provide chimney repair and rebuilding services. We identify damage in areas like flue, filtration system, chimney crowns, and exterior structure through inspection. Flue repair protects heat from being trapped and prevents fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. We also focus on chimneys damaged by water deterioration, often due to snow and rain. Since chimneys are exposed, there is a high chance that water seeps into the structure, leading to structural collapse. Our job is to take preventive steps to ensure all these errors are fixed to avoid future catastrophes. We offer affordable repairs while using material that is meant to last long.

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